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The track Bioelectronics provides in-depth knowledge of the development and use of instruments and signal processing theory to measure physical, physiologic or biologic signals in humans and other living organisms. The development of instrumentation is based on technologies including bioMEMS, micro- and nanosystems, biophotonics, sensors, optics and micro-fluidics. These technologies are applied to a wide array of instruments and devices including hearing aids, biosensors, labs-on-a-chip, and electrograms.

Advisor Track Bioelectronics

ETH Zurich

Inst. f. Biomedizinische Technik

Prof. Dr. Janos Vörös

Deputy head of Institute for Biomedical Engineering

ETZ F 82

Gloriastrasse 35

8092 Zürich


  • phone +41 44 632 59 03 
  • fax +41 44 632 11 93 

Core courses, spring semester 2017

Number Unit Lecturer
227-1032-00L Neuromorphic Engineering II  T. Delbrück,
G. Indiveri,
S.-C. Liu

Recommended elective courses, spring semester 2017

Number Unit Lecturer
151-0172-00L Devices and Systems  C. Hierold,
A. Hierlemann,
C. I. Roman
151-0622-00L Measuring on the Nanometer Scale  A. Stemmer
151-0630-00L Nanorobotics  S. Pané Vidal,
B. Nelson
151-0980-00L Biofluiddynamics  D. Obrist,
P. Jenny
227-0390-00L Elements of Microscopy  M. Stampanoni,
G. Csúcs,
A. Sologubenko
227-0690-08L Advanced Topics in Control (Spring 2017)  F. Dörfler,
B. Gentile
227-0966-00L Quantitative Big Imaging: From Images to Statistics  K. S. Mader,
M. Stampanoni
227-1046-00L Computer Simulations of Sensory Systems  T. Haslwanter
376-1217-00L Rehabilitation Engineering I: Motor Functions  R. Riener,
J. Duarte Barriga
376-1308-00L Development Strategies for Medical Implants  J. Mayer-Spetzler,
M. Rubert
376-1397-00L Orthopaedic Biomechanics  P. Christen,
R. Müller,
H. Van Lenthe
376-1614-00L Principles in Tissue Engineering  K. Maniura,
J. Möller,
M. Zenobi-Wong
376-1712-00L Finite Element Analysis in Biomedical Engineering  S. J. Ferguson,
B. Helgason
376-1724-00L Appropriate Health System Design  W. Karlen
402-0343-00L Physics Against Cancer: The Physics of Imaging and Treating Cancer  U. Schneider,
A. J. Lomax
402-0673-00L Physics in Medical Research: From Humans to Cells  B. K. R. Müller
465-0952-00L Biomedical Photonics  M. Frenz

Biology courses, spring semester 2017

Core courses, autumn semester 2017

Number Unit Lecturer
151-0604-00L Microrobotics  B. Nelson
151-0605-00L Nanosystems  A. Stemmer
151-0621-00L Microsystems I: Process Technology and Integration   C. Hierold,
M. Haluska
227-0385-10L Biomedical Imaging  S. Kozerke,
K. P. Prüssmann
227-0386-00L Biomedical Engineering  J. Vörös,
S. J. Ferguson,
S. Kozerke,
U. Moser,
M. Rudin,
M. P. Wolf,
M. Zenobi-Wong
227-0393-10L Bioelectronics and Biosensors  J. Vörös,
M. F. Yanik,
T. Zambelli
227-0427-00L Signal and Information Processing: Modeling, Filtering, Learning  H.-A. Loeliger
227-1037-00L Introduction to Neuroinformatics  V. Mante,
M. Cook,
B. Grewe,
G. Indiveri,
K. A. Martin
376-1714-00L Biocompatible Materials  K. Maniura,
J. Möller,
M. Zenobi-Wong
402-0674-00L Physics in Medical Research: From Atoms to Cells  B. K. R. Müller

Recommended elective courses, autumn semester 2017

Number Unit Lecturer
151-0255-00L Energy Conversion and Transport in Biosystems  A. Ferrari
151-0509-00L Microscale Acoustofluidics  J. Dual
227-0166-00L Analog Integrated Circuits  Q. Huang
227-0447-00L Image Analysis and Computer Vision  L. Van Gool,
O. Göksel,
E. Konukoglu
227-0468-00L Analog Signal Processing and Filtering  H. Schmid
227-0981-00L Cross-Disciplinary Research and Development in Medicine and Engineering  V. Kurtcuoglu,
M. Meboldt,
M. Schmid Daners,
O. Ullrich,
D. de Julien de Zelicourt
227-1033-00L Neuromorphic Engineering I  T. Delbrück,
G. Indiveri,
S.-C. Liu
227-2037-00L Physical Modelling and Simulation  J. Smajic
376-1103-00L Frontiers in Nanotechnology  V. Vogel
376-1219-00L Rehabilitation Engineering II: Rehabilitation of Sensory and Vegetative Functions  R. Riener,
O. Lambercy
376-1351-00L Micro/Nanotechnology and Microfluidics for Biomedical Applications  E. Delamarche
529-0837-00L Biomicrofluidic Engineering  A. de Mello
636-0108-00L Biological Engineering and Biotechnology  M. Fussenegger

Biology courses, autumn semester 2017

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