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The track Bioimaging prepares you to work in the development and application of state-of-the-art imaging techniques such as magnetic resonance, ultrasound and micro-computed tomography. These methodologies are used to explore physiology and pathophysiology in humans and other living systems. Bioimaging has made enormous contributions to the diagnosis of human illnesses such as cardiac disease, Alzheimers disease and osteoporosis.

Advisor Track Bioimaging

ETH Zurich

Inst. f. Biomedizinische Technik

Prof. Dr. Klaas P. Prüssmann

Head of Institute for Biomedical Engineering / Deputy head of Dep. of Inform.Technol. Electrical Eng.

ETZ F 89

Gloriastrasse 35

8092 Zürich


  • phone +41 44 632 66 96 
  • fax +41 44 632 13 02 

Core courses, spring semester 2017

Number Unit Lecturer
227-0946-00L Molecular Imaging - Basic Principles and Biomedical Applications  M. Rudin
227-0948-00L Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Medicine  S. Kozerke,
M. Weiger Senften

Recommended elective courses, spring semester 2017

Number Unit Lecturer
151-0622-00L Measuring on the Nanometer Scale  A. Stemmer
227-0390-00L Elements of Microscopy  M. Stampanoni,
G. Csúcs,
A. Sologubenko
227-0396-00L EXCITE Interdisciplinary Summer School on Bio-Medical Imaging  S. Kozerke,
G. Csúcs,
J. Klohs-Füchtemeier,
S. F. Noerrelykke,
M. P. Wolf
227-0966-00L Quantitative Big Imaging: From Images to Statistics  K. S. Mader,
M. Stampanoni
227-0967-00L Computational Neuroimaging Clinic  K. E. Stephan
227-0973-00L Translational Neuromodeling  K. E. Stephan
227-1034-00L Computational Vision (University of Zurich)  D. Kiper,
K. A. Martin
376-1397-00L Orthopaedic Biomechanics  P. Christen,
R. Müller,
H. Van Lenthe
402-0673-00L Physics in Medical Research: From Humans to Cells  B. K. R. Müller
465-0952-00L Biomedical Photonics  M. Frenz

Biology courses, spring semester 2017

Core courses, autumn semester 2017

Number Unit Lecturer
227-0385-10L Biomedical Imaging  S. Kozerke,
K. P. Prüssmann
227-0386-00L Biomedical Engineering  J. Vörös,
S. J. Ferguson,
S. Kozerke,
U. Moser,
M. Rudin,
M. P. Wolf,
M. Zenobi-Wong
227-0447-00L Image Analysis and Computer Vision  L. Van Gool,
O. Göksel,
E. Konukoglu
227-0965-00L Micro and Nano-Tomography of Biological Tissues  M. Stampanoni,
P. A. Kaestner

Recommended elective courses, autumn semester 2017

Number Unit Lecturer
151-0105-00L Quantitative Flow Visualization  T. Rösgen
151-0605-00L Nanosystems  A. Stemmer
227-0391-00L Medical Image Analysis 
227-0455-00L Terahertz: Technology & Applications  K. Sankaran
227-0967-00L Computational Neuroimaging Clinic  K. E. Stephan
227-0969-00L Methods & Models for fMRI Data Analysis  K. E. Stephan
227-0971-00L Computational Psychiatry  K. E. Stephan
227-1033-00L Neuromorphic Engineering I  T. Delbrück,
G. Indiveri,
S.-C. Liu
227-1037-00L Introduction to Neuroinformatics  V. Mante,
M. Cook,
B. Grewe,
G. Indiveri,
K. A. Martin
227-2037-00L Physical Modelling and Simulation  J. Smajic
252-0543-01L Computer Graphics  M. Gross,
J. Novak
402-0674-00L Physics in Medical Research: From Atoms to Cells  B. K. R. Müller

Biology courses, autumn semester 2017

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