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At the beginning of the first semester, the student will set up an individual study plan, also called the tutor agreement. This is done in collaboration with the track advisor. The individual plan selects the track core courses, the recommended elective courses as well as the biology courses. This document is signed both by the student and the track advisor, and only courses listed in the study plan can be accounted for the degree.

All courses for each specialization are published in the course catalogue of ETH. In addition, students can also suggest other lectures, which have to be approved by the track advisor. The study plan/tutor agreement should be submitted by no later than the end of the fourth week of the autumn semester (upon start of the programme).


Procedure for students that started the program in 2016:

1. For the tracks that have two track advisors (currently Medical Physics), you have to select a tutor in myStudies. The tutor will have to confirm in order to make your choice effective. For the remaining tracks, the track advisor is already pre-selected as your tutor in myStudies.

2. The Tutor Agreement is called "Learning Agreement" in myStudies. Select this from the "Matriculation" page. You are now able to select courses from the course catalogue, by using the "Edit" button.

3. Discuss your selection of courses with your track advisor/tutor.

4. Once the advisor/tutor agrees with the"Learning Agreement", submit it using myStudies.

A more detailed description of this process can be downloaded here: "Tutor Agreement (PDF, 992 KB)"


Procedure for students that started the program before 2016:

  1. Download the study plan (PDF, 281 KB).
  2. Select the courses and discuss them with your track advisor.
  3. Fill in the study plan, and submit the signed document to the student's administration office of D-ITET (ETZ H 85).
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