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All students complete a semester long project (8 credits) which culminates in a written report.

The semester project is generally performed in the second semester of the Masters program. 14 weeks half-time or 7 weeks full-time study is required for this project. The project can be carried out in an industrial setting or laboratory outside of the ETH. A research plan which outlines the tasks to be performed must be approved by the supervising professor before work can be started.

Consult the individual websites listed under Research for available semester projects.

A semester work can be supervised by any professor of one of the four participating departments (D-ITET, D-HEST, D-MAVT and D-PHYS). Find a professor, and discuss with him/her your project using the following form. This must be done BEFORE the start of the project.
Semester/Master Project Plan (DOC, 57 KB) (example)

Sign up for the semester project in mystudies

When submitting the written document for your semester project, include the plagiarism Form (in German)

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