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Stretchable electronics based on Ag-PDMS composites. Larmanac et al., 2014, Scientific Reports 4, Article number: 7254.

Figure 4: (a) Picture of a ribbon cable with 8 conductors clamped on both ends by a commercial ZIF connector. (b) Picture of a custom-made miniature connector with 12 contacts. (c) Pictures of chip resistors bonded on conductive tracks (from left to right: 0805, 0603 and 0402 packages). (d) Picture of a large array of SMD LEDs bonded on a soft PCB. (e) Picture of a 2 kHz clock generator produced on a 0.2 mm thick soft single-sided PCB that conforms to a plastic brain. (f) Picture of a 1 Hz clock generetor with LEDs to display the output levels and produced on a 0.7 mm thick double-sided soft PCB (that shows less conformability on the plastic brain than the single-sided PCB) with vias and connected to a power supply with a ZIF connector.

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